Joni Hahn’s Cover Reveal!

Joni Hahn has a new book coming out in July, and we have the cover now!


Advice from the

Flirting for Dimwits
How-to Manual

1)  When you’re royalty and trying to have a fling incognito, don’t fall for a rodeo Romeo who has taken an oath of celibacy.

If you fall in love with him knowing your family is away interviewing husband candidates for you…you may not be the brightest bulb in the castle.

2)  If you’re a rodeo Romeo who’s allergic to commitment, don’t tell your step-grandfather you want to buy his ranch.  He might use it against you to strike a ridiculous bargain to get you married.

And whatever you do, do not fall for the cute photographer he invited for a week-long stay.   She may be hotter than Texas asphalt, but will end up being a royal pain – literally.