Need Another Reason to Join SARA?

Have you been sitting on the proverbial fence?  Waffling enough to fill an IHOP with breakfast for everyone?  Think you want to but just aren’t quite sure?

Here’s another reason to join SARA that will push you off the top rail, end your baking career, and keep you the decisive person you really are.

SARA PANs (that’s published author member of RWAs Published Authors Network) have started a feature for members only called Ask a PAN Tuesday.  IF you’re a SARA member, you have access to our Facebook group where Ask a PAN Tuesday will take place.  SARA members will be able to ask the PAN on duty each Tuesday their burning questions about craft, publishing, promotion, the writing life, tax returns, cover art, etc., etc.  The PAN will answer all the questions posed on Tuesday during the day and evening.  

Chances are, some pretty interesting discussions will get started there.  Would you like to be part of the discussion?  Join SARA today.  Click on the “JOIN US” link at the top of the page and take it from there.

(Reminder: you MUST be a member of the Romance Writers of America national organization to join SARA. The RWA link is also on the JOIN US page.)