SARA Author Laurie LeClair’s The Dating Dilemma releases Oct 1

The_Dating_Dilemma_finalSingle mom, Darcy Jenkins’ hormonal pre-teen daughter hates her and blames her for ruining her life. Darcy kicked out her ex-husband when he declared that he’d never loved Darcy and never would. On top of that, he was never there for their daughter not before, not during, and certainly not after the divorce. Now, Darcy’s on a desperate mission to find a husband to love her and a real dad for her daughter, like the one Darcy never had herself.

After finding a flyer for a single parent’s group, Darcy heads off to the meeting. When Darcy arrives, she’s involved in a heart-stopping encounter with the ruggedly handsome Doctor Benjamin Evans and her hormones come into question. This isn’t a simple meet and greet any longer.

Widower, Ben Evans longs to remain numb. It’s worked for the last three years since his wife’s untimely death. He rebuilt his life around his family practice and his twins. He’s fine with that. However, when his favorite patient prods him to join her newly founded group for single parents, he reluctantly agrees, if only to help her out. Ben goes and discovers his feelings are nowhere near neutral the moment he meets funny, flirty Darcy.

His life is now turned upside down with his intense attraction to sexy Darcy with her self-confessed sugar addiction, and her sometimes sweet, sometimes mouthy pre-teen. To add complication into the mix, his twins adore Darcy and her daughter.

But, will Ben and Darcy ever find time to date when kids, exes, and well-intentioned friends create never ending chaos around them? Will they give in to defeat or fight to have a second chance at love?

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Cover Reveal: Highland Troth by Willa Blair

Highland TrothRelease Date: 3 December 2014

Years ago, after tragedy struck Jamie Lathan’s family, Lathan fosterling Caitrin Fletcher was sent home, out of danger. Heartbroken, young Jamie never expected to see her again. He certainly never imagined he’d be called upon to escort her to be betrothed to another man.

But now, as their attraction reignites during the trip, Jamie’s longing for Caitrin deepens, and he despairs to lose her again. The secret he hides, however, may prevent any chance for a future with her. Can Jamie find a way to claim her himself without starting a war involving three clans?

Caitrin is torn between her duty to make the marriage her father wants and her feelings for Jamie, the lad she’s loved for years. When she meets the man her father has chosen, her secret Highland talent tells her he cannot be trusted. Can she refuse the powerful lord without revealing how she knows he’s lying…about nearly everything?

I Was a Male RWA Conference Attendee

by Curtis Copley

2014-09-23 22.14.19

My RWA conference experience started out a day early, with the Day of YA. Cheerful volunteers handed me a bright, bubble-gum pink bag to proudly tote around with me for the rest of the day, or for the rest of the conference, if I wished. In the bag was a matching pink program for the day, a button that read “Book Boyfriends Won’t Break Your Heart,” and a raffle ticket for the “Big Girl Panties” drawing.

Anyway, here are five takeaway notes:

James Scott Bell led the first workshop (Revision and Self-Editing for Publication): “Is there a point where a busy editor could put the book down, and not get back to it? Every scene needs a fear factor.”

Ally Carter on her Gallagher Girls series. “It was the second book that was a best seller, and the third built on it. New books are the best way to sell old books.”

Cindi Myers on Writing Faster, Writing Better: Writing faster allows you to load the whole story in your mind fresh, rather than trying to remember what you wrote a year ago, and allows you to engage your subconscious. It can be easier to get started writing if you follow a ritual (music, location, even a hat). Work is most efficient in 20 minute blocks, with 5 minute breaks. Use a timer.

Lily Everett and Roxanne St. Claire on Critiques: “It’s not about what you would do, because it’s not your book. Praise is just as important as criticism. If there’s a line you love, then say so.”

Christie Craig’s topic was Mastering Deep Point of View, but mostly I remember, “Do you want it bad enough? Don’t you give up.” Toward the end of her talk, she began taking rejection slips out of a large mailing envelope and dropping them in a suitcase. Then she took out a second large envelope and emptied it, and then a third. After her talk ended, three of us took several minutes trying to gather and straighten all those rejection slips and put them back into their envelopes. Her website says “she’s also received over 10,000 rejections.”

Book by Definition

book insideby Pamela Morsi

The attached screen shot was just an early morning pun—ishment on SARA & FRIENDS. Maybe you saw it. But Curtis’s words started me thinking. In the world of e-format, what does it mean to be “writing a book”.

According to WIKIPEDIA (my go-to source when I’m timing myself to see if I can accomplish a blog post in less than 20 minutes):

A book is a set of written, printed, illustrated, or blank sheets, made of ink, paper, parchment, or other materials, usually fastened together to hinge at one side.

But that definition is so 20th Century!

To WIKIPEDIA’s credit, they add:

A set of text-filled or illustrated pages produced in electronic format is known as an electronic book, or e-book.

This separation of definition is undoubtedly very helpful when planning library or office space shelving. But has almost no value in the creation of a novel. Worse than no value…it has been a negative for writers.

At RWA this year, I was in the bar (of course) and looking for a spot to rest my weary bones. I took an empty seat. The writer next to me at the little table knew who I was. I did not know her and therefore asked the very lame question, “Is this your first conference?”

The answer quickly evolved into a mini-diatribe on snooty traditionally published authors (like me). And why she had stayed away from RWA so long.

Yikes! Ultimately it was all cool and she was able to get it out, once and hopefully for all, without me throwing a drink in her face and storming off. (Thankfully, that’s not really my style).

There had been a time for her when she had felt hurt and excluded. And I represented a kind of “Mean Girls” scenario that had played out in her conference experience.

Being totally honest here, I was not an early adopter of e-format. I seriously did not get it. Why would I? Before Amazon, before e-readers, really even before the laptop, the first e-format came out on little floppy discs that authors had to sell themselves out of the trunk of their cars. Readers brave enough to buy would put the discs into their big hulking desktops and have to sit there reading them page by page on a glaring CRT screen.

“Nobody is going to do that.” I probably said. If I didn’t say it, I thought it.

One thing that I KNOW that I said at a SARA meeting (probably when I was president, since I can’t imagine why else I would have been making declarations) was that the designation of “Published Writer” in our organization was going to be left in the eye of the individual member. I.E. if you say you are a “published author”, however you define that, then for purposes of SARA, you are a published author. National eventually got around to establishing a policy that disallowed my handling of it. But I thought my solution worked…at least for me, it did.

When I was a very, very new author, I met an old veteran who still wrote her novels on a typewriter. How quaint! Did you know the terms “cut & paste” actually come from that era? She showed me a manuscript where she done corrections by typing them onto a blank sheet of paper, cutting the piece out and pasting it onto the manuscript. Seriously. That’s how they did it. But I digress.

Time marches on. Things change. The way we do things change. I’m sure that “writers” who used pen and paper initially imagined that their process was different from “type-writers” who were people who used machines. And although I never heard it said directly, I’m sure that those authors that continued with typewriters after the flood of us computer nerds hit the market probably resented our easy production of a manuscript.

Maybe the thing for us all to keep in mind is that our product is not the printed pages or the mobi file document. It is the story that came out of our crazy/cluttered/muddled mind to flow by some medium into the bright/busy/barraged brains of our readers. In that, we all seek the same thing. We are novelists. And how we manifest that destiny is not as important as that we do it.

Or, as I told Curtis, fracturing Marshall McLuhan, “It’s more the message than the media.”

Pamela MorsiPamela Morsi is a USA Today, Waldenbooks, and Barnes & Noble bestselling author of romance. She broke into publishing in 1991 with Heaven Sent and has been gracing readers with at least a book a year ever since. Two of her novels, Courting Miss Hattie (1992) and Something Shady (1996), won the Romance Writers of America’s RITA Award, the highest honor in romance publishing, and others have been RITA finalists.

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