SARA New Release: Spooktacular Seductions by Linda Carroll-Bradd

SpooktacularSeductions Cover_webFalling in love can be terrifying.

Eight tales of spooky romance brought to you just in time for Halloween, by Linda Carroll-Bradd, Lisa A. Adams, Lily Carlyle, Anne Higa, Havva Murat, Echo Shea, Christy Thomas,  and Michelle Ziegler.

Includes Bewitching Gypsy by Linda Carroll-Bradd:

Fiona Mikolas is an outcast—branded by her fiery red hair and a purple birth mark—forced to live a solitary life, traveling a circuit of southern states in America and selling healing potions. Until the night of All Hallow’s Eve, when her lonely life is changed by the arrival of two strangers in her camp.

Beaten and robbed, rancher Hagan Fletcher tracks his stolen stallion and stumbles toward a campfire in south Texas. He awakens, suffering from amnesia and is intrigued by the mysterious beauty to look beneath the surface to who she really is.


After one final dip under the surface, she brushed her long hair away from her cheeks and turned toward the shore. Several long-legged strides carried her over the smooth stones lining the creek bottom to the water’s edge. The trade of her goat’s milk lotions with the band of Tonkawa Indians for the sandals made from woven sisal leaves had proved advantageous. She grabbed the long sheet of toweling lying atop a nearby rock and brushed it over her slender limbs. Cooling air caressed her skin, pebbling its surface and invigorating her bloodstream.

From the velvet drawstring pouch she’d left nearby, she pulled a small handful of slender sage leaves and lightly crushed them in her hands. Using a circular motion, she rubbed the crumpled mass over her naked torso and arms, inhaling the spicy, earthy fragrance that cleansed her body and soothed her soul. With her face canted toward the pearly moon, she lifted both hands skyward and chanted:

“Sweet Goddess, sustain me health and well-bein’.

Holy Goddess, give me luck and grace where’er I go.

Powerful Goddess, let me welcome the spirits who are so close tonight.

Immaculate Goddess, provide me with yer wisdom when ‘tis needed.

Loving Goddess, aid me to be open and accepting to the purpose ye intend.

Crone Goddess, show me the path of me days yet to be lived.

A thin cry warbled through the night air, and she jerked around toward her camp, scanning the brush and trees for any sign of wild animals. South Texas had its share of wildcats, javelinas, and coyotes, making a lone woman more vulnerable—even with the powers she possessed. She gave a low two-note whistle and waited until Clancy, her wolfhound, eased into sight from where he guarded the backtrail.

Pulling a cotton shift over her head, she darted her gaze into the underbrush and listened for rustlings that signaled an intruder lying in wait. She wrapped her loose-fitting skirt around her waist and secured it with a knot in the cloth tie. With practiced moves, she tied the leather strap that held her dagger to her right thigh, reassured she could easily reach it. Closing her eyes, she extended all her senses outward until the whirr of the cicadas and the brip-brip of the frogs on the bank of the creek assured her no danger lurked close by.

Hefting her hazel wood spirit stick, she stepped along the dusty trail and through the low mesquite bushes, the warm glow of the flickering campfire beckoning her.

Clancy lumbered ahead toward the fire, his long legs eating up the distance. He stopped, right paw suspended in mid-air. Lifting his head, he sniffed the air, and his stance grew rigid.

The cry sounded again, a plaintive warble rising into a panicked shriek.


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Linda’s Bio:

As a young girl, Linda was often found lying on her bed reading about fascinating characters having exciting adventures in places far away and in other time periods. In later years, she read and then started writing romances and achieved her first publication–a confession story. Married with 4 adult children and 2 granddaughters, Linda writes heartwarming contemporary and historical stories with a touch of humor from her home in the southern California mountains.

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SARA New Release: Carried Away by Patricia W. Fischer

Carried Away
Tuscany, Texas Book 2

Luke Davis only had eyes for Mia Connors since he first saw her at the July 4th parade when they were twelve years old. From then on, he and Mia, along with his best friend Bruce Dexter, were the Three Musketeers.

Then one high school summer changed everything and Mia ended up pregnant…by Bruce.

Heartbroken, Luke stepped aside to give Mia and Bruce a chance to make their growing family work, but he’d never stopped caring for her.

Fifteen years later, Luke has returned to Tuscany after serving in the Air Force as an ER doctor and discovers Mia’s marriage has crumbled.

Mia Connors-Dexter became a bride far earlier than she anticipated. An impetuous evening one summer changed her life forever and she lost the chance with the only man she’d loved, Luke Davis. Now, Luke’s home and Mia’s life has been yanked out from underneath her. Secrets she’s kept hidden are revealed and her husband’s actions set things in motion with tragic consequences.

When Luke is unable to save his former best friend, he must reconcile his guilt as well as his feelings for Mia.

Mia’s been living in her own private hell and she suddenly finds herself free, but unsure of herself.

Can these two find the strength to help each other heal and finally let their love get carried away?

Patricia’s Bio:

Ever since she wrote a play in fourth grade about the Loch Ness Monster-from the monster’s point of view, Patricia’s been fascinated with telling stories. This has proven helpful at family gatherings since she comes from a very long line of natural born story-tellers.

She’s been to the top of the world and seen the lowest moments when she worked as a pediatric and adult trauma nurse. Before her medical experience, she worked as a bartender, waitress, and prep cook. Add in her jobs as a bill collector, secretary, video store clerk, and checker at a hardware store and the characters for her stories are endless. She’s met movie celebrities, music legends, sports heroes, & fantastic writers. Been under the sea, floated in the sky, sang the National Anthem at major league sporting events, acted a bit, and played some good music on her drums and guitar. And during all that time, she tucked all those adventures and moments in her head to write about it all one day.

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SARA New Release: Damned and Desirable by Tara West

image**Warning, this book contains scenes of dead people having sex, only really sexy dead people, not zombies or sparkly vampires. Rest assured, no body parts fell off during the making of these sex scenes, just bras and undies, and no fangs or hammers were used during foreplay.**

What could be worse than getting tricked by a demon and sucked into the fiery pit of doom? Discovering that the demon who captured your soul is also the devastatingly sexy twin of the man who still has your heart.

The only fate worse than eternal damnation is eternal temptation. Someone please get me some water. It’s getting hot in here.

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New Release: Unlocked Treasure by Linda Carroll-Bradd

Will a prophecy keep a lonely woman from accepting the promise of adventure?
Will a prophecy keep a lonely woman from accepting the promise of adventure?

Release Date: October 20, 2014

Aleen MacRae blames the lure of the sea for breaking apart first her family then her engagement. When her interest is caught by a man she sees both in person and in a dream, she resists—afraid to believe in her aunt’s prediction that her future is tied to the sea.

Braden Williams is on the hunt for treasure buried centuries earlier by Rhode Island pirates. His search brings him to the property where Aleen lives. Collaboration on genealogy research draws them closer, and Braden steers her toward his true passion–sailing.

Attending a party with Braden’s family lets her glimpse what she’s been missing. An unexpected discovery before her date with Braden at the Halloween Midnight Organ Recital forces a decision. Will Aleen play things safe or accept what this free-spirited man offers?

Excerpt: Ah, the story of her life—practically invisible. The reminder his first sighting had been of her bikini-clad backside made her blush. Still didn’t change the facts. Aleen squared her shoulders. “I remember, but the Manor grounds are still closed.” Should she be nervous about being alone with this stranger, especially one who ignored posted rules?

“Sorry for the intrusion. Let me start over.” Smiling, he approached and extended his right hand. “My name’s Braden Williams.”

Aleen bit her lower lip, but accepted his hand. “Pleased to meet you. I’m Aleen MacRae.” At the moment their hands clasped, she felt warmth flooding her fingers. With a jerk, she released her grip, tingling sensations running along her skin. Immediately, the scent of fresh air and summer breezes wafted her way. Definitely a man of the sea. Just where I foretold your future lies. Whispers of her great-aunt Zsofika’s prophecy trickled through Aleen’s thoughts. At the memory, her cheeks flamed with heat.

“Wow.” Frowning, Braden flexed his hand and narrowed his gaze then dropped it to his flexing fingers. “That was bizarre.”

“Static electricity, from all that wind yesterday.” A reasonable explanation. In the back of her mind, Aleen could hear Zsofika scoff, “Static schmatic. A connection like that is destiny.”

“Well…” His gaze searched her face. “Aleen—hey, that’s pretty, like the direction alee.” A wide smile exposed even teeth.

Her own smile dimmed. Like I’ve never heard that before. “Thanks.” This guy was not charming his way around the rules. “Sorry, but you’ll need to come back when the gardens are open for visitors. That’s Wednesdays through—”

“Yeah, I read the sign.” He gave a dismissive wave then turned to gaze back at the main house. “But I just needed five minutes to check out some dimensions and the lot layout.”

“So, you woke up this morning and just decided to start out your week by trespassing?”

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Author Bio: As a young girl, Linda was often found lying on her bed reading about fascinating characters having exciting adventures in places far away and in other time periods. In later years, she read and then started writing romances and achieved her first publication–a confession story. Married with 4 adult children and 2 granddaughters, Linda writes heartwarming contemporary and historical stories with a touch of humor from her home in the southern California mountains.

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SARA Debut Novel: Daughter of Athena by Andrea Stehle

DAUGHTER OF ATHENA previewEons ago the gods of Mt. Olympus ruled over the developing civilization of ancient Greece.  From the heights of their mountain retreat the gods manipulated and forced mankind to their will.  But one day the Olympians grew bored with the mundane world – as immortals are predisposed to do.  They looked away from their children for just a moment and the Earth changed.  No longer were the names Zeus, Hera, and Athena whispered with awe and terror, but forgotten until they were nothing more than myths from the dawn of time.  To their regret the Olympians discovered no amount of manipulation or terror could bring mankind back into the fold, and so they were obliged to start again.

Transplanting a small group of humans to the distant world of Arcadia, the gods created their own perfect Utopian society.  In their self-absorbed way each Olympian reigned over a cult of followers in a personal city-state where their word was law.  To promote harmony, the Great Law of the Olympians sought to suppress the volatile nature of humanity by forbidding war on Arcadia. Unfortunately, the Olympians learned nothing is ever perfect.  Once every hundred years the Son of Ares is born to disturb the delicate balance of their world.

Although Ardella of New Athens was the chosen of Athena, blessed with the gift of empathy, she was young and naïve.  She made the ultimate mistake – she allowed the Son of Ares to manipulate her and escape.  Almost a decade later, the Daughter of Athena is still battling the chaos caused by that moment of weakness, when her brother is captured by the enemy.

To save her twin, Ardella travels to Metropolis, the fortress at the heart of the Son of Ares’ empire, and offers herself in exchange.  Exiled in a strange new city, the Daughter of Athena soon learns that the enemy she had come to know reading reports in her Tower in New Athens is not the same as the one she now faces in the thriving, very human culture of Metropolis.  Bewildered by her growing admiration for the Son of Ares, Ardella must not only save her brother, but decide if she stands with or against the Gods of Arcadia.

Now available on (exclusively for Kindle).

Gods of Arcadia Website

Release Party is open to one and all. Friday, November 14, 2014 from 4-5:30pm at the John Paul Stevens High School Library, 600 N. Ellison. We will have punch and “owl” cookies. The plan is to move the party to the Olive Garden in Alamo Ranch at 6pm to continue celebrating with adult beverages.