SARA Café Welcomes Ann Von Dee

by Mary E. Brand

Ann Von DeeSC:   When did you join SARA and for what reason?

AVD: It is a funny story, kind of. I was writing my story and felt like I needed to reach out to someone that understood my real life, a mom, teacher, and coach’s wife, but I also needed that reassurance that what I was writing wasn’t garbage. Therefore, I reached out to Jolene and asked her to read my story to see if I had “it”. Thank goodness she didn’t think I was crazy. She read it, even if it isn’t her genre, and told me to come to SARA.

SC: What sub-genre of romance stories do you write?

AVD: The story I am writing now would be erotica. The ones that are forming in my mind due to this story will probably be erotica. But I don’t think I would leave out New Adult or young adult.

SC: What about the romance genre appeals to you?

AVD: Erotica appeals to me because I want real women to be intrigued and self-assured about themselves. My main characters will always be strong women that have fought or will fight to become even more.

SC:  Do you consider yourself a romantic?

AVD: Depends who you ask. My husband might say yes. My close female friends might just call me a “freak”. Romance is in the eye of the beholder.

SC: What are your ultimate goals as a writer?

AVD: My long-term goal would be to be published and inspire women with my writing. My half point goal would be to help lessen the burden of college tuition out of my own paycheck. My short term goal is to just finish my book.

 SC:  If you could have any actor/actress cast as the hero/heroine of your latest work, who would you choose and why?

AVD:  I would love Jennifer Lawrence to play Elizabeth because of her attitude. She does not care who she offends or what she says, and she does not apologize for her actions.

SC: What is the best book you’ve ever read about the craft of writing?

AVD: I am working on Stephen King’s book On Writing.

SC:   Do you have a writing routine?  What does it involve?

AVD: The only routine I truly have is to pray to God that my children go to sleep on time and work doesn’t have me grading too much.

SC: Do you have any writing superstitions?

AVD: It was that I had to type it on my laptop. But, it recently got broken when I picked up a spiral and pencil during my lunchtime the other day because I had a scene that needed to come out.

SC: What do you do when you’re not writing?  Do you have any hidden talents?

AVD: Hidden talents… juggling small children, 5,3 and 1, and trying to get kids that don’t care about themselves or learning to care.

SC: What is your favorite part of the writing process?

AVD: My favorite part is when I start writing and words just appear from my fingers that I didn’t think would happen. Then I just yell… plot twist!

SC: What would happen if you didn’t write?

AVD: If I could never write again or never had the chance to, I might just literally die or go crazy. I remember as a small child writing letters, not even words, and tell my mother the story that the letters represented. My stories have always been a release of stress or emotions that I verbally can’t say due to environment or can’t express orally.

SC: How do you know when your research is done?

AVD: It never is done. I’m always learning about my future characters habits, how to improve my writing, or how to market myself. Learning is never done, just like research.

SC: Name one thing you absolutely can’t write about.

AVD: I don’t think I write about pho-pho love. The hearts and flowers everything is perfect type of love. Love, relationships, being a part of society is always a challenge in some way or form, and that struggle isn’t always pretty.

SC: Name one of the challenges you had writing or as an author and how you met that challenge.

AVD: I didn’t know if my writing was worth sharing or if I could break out the image of my real life to take on the image of Ann Von Dee, my pen name. Thanks to Jolene’s encouragement, I did.

SC: We’re so grateful to Jolene. And thank you so much for sharing your writing gift with all of us!

Connect with Ann Von Dee:

Facebook: Ann Von Dee’s Closet

Twitter: Ann Von Dee (@AnnVonDee)