SARA Café Welcomes Ani Stubbs (Writing as Ana Bordelon)

SC:  Why did you join SARA?

AB:  I attended my first SARA meeting just to see-and was so impressed by the talented writers and their willingness to help others. The seminars have been wonderful.

SC:  What sub-genre of romance stories do you write?

AB:  I am working on contemporaries, a fantasy (shape-shifter), and a historical.

SC:  What about the romance genre appeals to you?

AB:   I love HEA! The world is harsh at times, and a well written romance with characters you can enjoy and a happy ever after is a great escape for me. Since we know there will be a HEA at the end of the story, romances make the characters, the plot, and the dialogue move the story.

SC:  Do you consider yourself a romantic?

AB: At times, but not always.

SC: What are your ultimate goals as a writer?  The enemy if the good is the better.

SC:  If you could have any actor/actress cast as the hero/heroine of your latest work, who would you choose and why?

AB:  Gerald Butler so I could meet him.

SC:  Do you have a writing routine?  What does it involve?

AB:  I have started getting up early.  I hate it, but writing late at night produced more but I would up re-writing most of it.  I write less in the morning, but it is much better. I do better editing in the evening though.

SC: Do you have any writing superstitions?

AB:  Nope.

SC:  What do you do when you’re not writing?  Do you have any hidden talents?

AB:  I have grandkids and am a wonderful grandmother.  If I could be paid to read I would. I also play really bad piano and guitar.  Really bad.

SC:  What is your favorite part of the writing process?

AB:  Taking a small idea and making a story.  The book that is being edited (by my oldest the English teacher), stared when two young women from St Mary’s were discussing the importance of taking the right date to Baby Bake.

SC:  What would happen if you didn’t write?

AB:  Could not happen.

SC:  How do you know when your research is done?

AB:  Usually dork out and keep researching.  I love doing research, especially speaking with people.

SC:   Name one thing you absolutely can’t write about.

AB:  Children.

SC:  Name one of the challenges you had writing or as an author and how you met that challenge.

AB:  Focus and finishing.  I have about 30 stories that I have re-started and re-written because I lack focus.  SARA has made all the difference. Without SARA I don’t think I would have submitted a completed story to RWA for PRO status.

SC:  Having a great support system makes all the difference! Thanks so much for sharing with us. And good luck with your writing!

Article by Mary Brand