2018 SARA Synopsis Slayer Contest

Contest Rankings: Finalists ranked by Meghan Farrell!

Meghan Farrell, Managing Editor of Tule Publishing, has provided her rankings of the three finalist synopses. The rankings are as follows:

  1. The Arrangement by C.K. MacKenzie
  2. To Love and Protect by Lori Radulovich
  3. Heart on Hold by Makenna Lee [REQUEST]

Contest Results: Finalists Chosen!

Hunting the Devil by Suanne Schafer was at the top of the final three, but the book is now under contract, so she has graciously removed her entry.

The three finalists are (in no particular order):

  • The Arrangement by C.K. MacKenzie
  • Heart on Hold by Makenna Lee
  • To Love and Protect by Lori Radulovich

These synopses will be forwarded to Meghan Farrell, Managing Editor at Tule Publishing. She will rank them first, second and third. We at SARA will keep our fingers crossed that she will ask for more from one of our lucky synopsis writers but there are no guarantees. Results should be posted by February 1.

Good luck, Finalists!


SARA Synopsis Slayer Contest

We can help you slay that synopsis! Get feedback from three fellow writers and the chance to get in front of Meghan Farrell, Managing Editor at Tule Publishing Group!

Fee: SARAs $15; non-SARAs $20

Deadline: January 12, 2018

Entry: A 3-page synopsis of any subgenre of romance. Entry must be for an unpublished manuscript. Both published and unpublished authors may enter.
Judges: Three first-round judges that include at least one published author. Top three entries will be read and ranked by Meghan Farrell, Managing Editor at Tule Publishing Group. Finalists will receive an electronic award badge for their website and an award certificate.

Entry Formatting Requirements:

  • Length: 3 pages of synopsis content (Do NOT include a cover page)
  • Header on each page: left corner, working book title; right corner, page number
  • font: Times New Roman; size 12pt
  • formatting: 1-inch margins all around

Entry Submission Requirements:

Please send your 3-page synopsis, entry fee (personal check for $15 or $20) and a SASE (Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope) to the San Antonio Romance Authors’ post office box:

San Antonio Romance Authors
Attn: Contest
PO Box 160818
San Antonio TX 78280-3018

On the SASE, please include your name and book title in the upper left corner. This book title MUST match the book title used in the header of your synopsis. Please be sure to clearly address the middle of the SASE with your own address. Be sure to include a stamp on the SASE. Any entries that do not include all parts of the SASE as described above will be disqualified, not returned, and entry fee forfeited.

The SARARWA.com website will be updated with a “submissions closed” notice when we have received 150 valid entries. We will continue to accept any entries postmarked prior to the date of our “closed” notice. Any entries received after this date will be disqualified and shredded, unopened.

After judging, entries will be mailed back to the entrant with comments from all three judges. The three finalists’ names and book titles will be posted on the SARA website by January 27. The ranked (1st, 2nd, 3rd) winners will be posted no later than the first week of February.