Creativity Lacking?

by Linda Carroll-Bradd

Creativity lacking? Here’s a hint…

Many of you heard me complain about the writing slump I’d been in for the past year or so (I’m being nice to myself here…work with me). I vowed that when I moved to California and had no day job to distract me, I would start producing new pages again. I’m proud to say I have. I wish I could say that I’d been bubbling with so many ideas that now I finally could get them down on paper.

I love to rely on calls for submissions issued by publishers. And this is for three main reasons.  First, is that a deadline is established and I have a concrete date to work toward. This lets me plan out my writing time and set daily or weekly goals to meet the word count by that last date.  Second, the calls always have a little hint at what they’re looking for—a theme, a circumstance, a time period, sensuality level.  Third, the relatively low word count. I look at a call that is asking for 5,000 word stories and I think, sure, I can write a 20-page story. I’m not intimidated by a story that size. By the time the pages are written, the story has been fleshed out to twice that length.

Here’s a sampling of the calls I found for themed anthologies:

Cerridwyn Publishing is looking for rodeo cowboy stories (15-360K)—due 8/15/12

Still Moments Publishing is looking for stories (5-15K) with the following themes: Christmas Magic due 8/18/12; Winter’s Kiss due 10/1/12; Frost Bite due 10/15/12; A Twist of Tales due 10/31/12; Unexpected Bump due 11/30/12

Ravenous Romance is looking for Alice in Wonderland-related erotic stories (2,500-5K)—due 9/1/12

Avon Impulse is looking for New Year’s Eve stories (15-20K)—due 9/15/12
Pink Petal Books wants stories for an End of Days-Apocalyptic anthology (7-15K)—due 9/15/12

Total e-bound (erotica only, 10/15K)) wants stories with domestic staff due 11/1/12; BDSM due 3/1/13; Wanton Witches (Halloween) due 4/1/13; Frost Bite (vampires) due 6/1/13

Wild Rose Press (Scarlet) is looking for m/m summer themed stories (query first)—due 12/31/12

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