SARA Café welcomes Roe Valentine!


The SARA Café is an occasional feature that puts the spotlight on a SARA author.      This month, it’s Roe Valentine’s turn to answer a few questions.


by Mary Brand

Roe ValentineSC: When did you join SARA and for what reason?

RV: I joined early 2013, mostly because I wanted to meet other romance writers who knew my journey and could answer all the gazillion questions I had, still have actually.

SC: What sub-genre of romance stories do you write?

RV: I write three sub-genres – Contemporary, Historical, and Erotic. I’m finding that I enjoy writing historical and erotic the most. I wouldn’t be surprised if I combined the two in the future.

SC: What about the romance genre appeals to you?

RV: The love journey of the characters, and that love always wins.

SC: Do you consider yourself a romantic?

RV: A ridiculous romantic!

SC: What are your ultimate goals as a writer?

RV: I want to be multi-published in all my sub-genres, and basically make a living at it. As far as what I want to offer readers, I want to tell love stories that stay them. I want to maybe give hope about love.

SC: If you could have any actor/actress cast as the hero/heroine of your latest work, who would you choose and why?

RV: For Almost Married, my contemporary, I would say Jensen Ackles as Mr. Jake Moreau and Emmy Rossum as Dr. Carla Harris.

SC: Do you have a writing routine? What does it involve?

RV: Normally I write a detailed outline of what will happen in each chapter, and then I just write. Nothing crazy.

SC:  What do you do when you’re not writing? Do you have any hidden talents?

RV: I wouldn’t say hidden talents. I basically read, do yoga, go to happy hours, shop online, search for the next great coffee shop to write in. Nothing too adventurous—though I’m not opposed to adventure at all. Oh and I’m a pretty good salsa dancer 😉

SC:  What is your favorite part of the writing process?

RV:  Coming up with a premise. Nothing like being in your car or the shower and a new story line hits you. I love that!

SC:  What would happen if you didn’t write?

RV: The voices in my head wouldn’t stop, and probably would drive me insane! Ha. Ha!

SC: How do you know when your research is done?

RV: When my characters can answer this main question: Who am I and what do I want? (Is that really two questions?)

SC: Name one of the challenges you had writing or as an author and how you met that challenge.

RV: Facing rejection and failure. I accepted those things as gifts, because it meant I just needed to keep going. And I did. Now I have two books published, and I’m not going to stop.

SC: Sounds like you’re off to a great start! Thanks so much, Roe.

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