SARA New Release: Carried Away by Patricia W. Fischer

Carried Away
Tuscany, Texas Book 2

Luke Davis only had eyes for Mia Connors since he first saw her at the July 4th parade when they were twelve years old. From then on, he and Mia, along with his best friend Bruce Dexter, were the Three Musketeers.

Then one high school summer changed everything and Mia ended up pregnant…by Bruce.

Heartbroken, Luke stepped aside to give Mia and Bruce a chance to make their growing family work, but he’d never stopped caring for her.

Fifteen years later, Luke has returned to Tuscany after serving in the Air Force as an ER doctor and discovers Mia’s marriage has crumbled.

Mia Connors-Dexter became a bride far earlier than she anticipated. An impetuous evening one summer changed her life forever and she lost the chance with the only man she’d loved, Luke Davis. Now, Luke’s home and Mia’s life has been yanked out from underneath her. Secrets she’s kept hidden are revealed and her husband’s actions set things in motion with tragic consequences.

When Luke is unable to save his former best friend, he must reconcile his guilt as well as his feelings for Mia.

Mia’s been living in her own private hell and she suddenly finds herself free, but unsure of herself.

Can these two find the strength to help each other heal and finally let their love get carried away?

Patricia’s Bio:

Ever since she wrote a play in fourth grade about the Loch Ness Monster-from the monster’s point of view, Patricia’s been fascinated with telling stories. This has proven helpful at family gatherings since she comes from a very long line of natural born story-tellers.

She’s been to the top of the world and seen the lowest moments when she worked as a pediatric and adult trauma nurse. Before her medical experience, she worked as a bartender, waitress, and prep cook. Add in her jobs as a bill collector, secretary, video store clerk, and checker at a hardware store and the characters for her stories are endless. She’s met movie celebrities, music legends, sports heroes, & fantastic writers. Been under the sea, floated in the sky, sang the National Anthem at major league sporting events, acted a bit, and played some good music on her drums and guitar. And during all that time, she tucked all those adventures and moments in her head to write about it all one day.

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